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Some ruined RP

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Some ruined RP

Post by Tylergo20 on Sun Apr 09, 2017 4:19 pm

There was a situation between a officer and a player called Jones (134) he was roll-playing as a military guy. he was on for a while and was enjoying his company he was a good role-player /// yes I know he may of not bin able to be millitary...

The role-player...
He was a military contract worker dressed in military uniform doing patrols around looking for weapons. and "destroying them"
AKA F1 Remove weapons. if he actually found some on ground from dead prison. He would notify the police and then wait for a officer and they did roll-play on that.

The mission row police station was ordering some Fancy guns from zancudo military department for more recent bank robberies like night vision and gas masks and more .911 and revolvers for the cops, also he was taking the guns from the stations and delivering them to the base to be destroyed.

The situation...

There was a officer that came on and did not know about this roll play and took it way to far. made it no fun for I find me myself and some other players on the map. yes there is a chain of command for the server for the cops but just going on some rampages on some players.

for the situation I observed he came up the me (towing guy) and the Jones (military guy) and started to bark orders at him then zack shows up. The military guy was cooperating for a while and we were telling him in TS to leave him alone there are different people to deal with that arnt roll playing and Civies that needed help. He would not listing and started to make the military guy little upset. so then the cop was telling us that he was not really a military guy and that he was a fake. (Well No Shit it is called roll play) So then the military guy whated to leave and change out of the uniform and do something else and he started to walk away while that was happing he was yelling in microphone and no once could really hear up and tazed the military guy. the military guy was now pissed and shot the officer. and then He became Jones. Jones came back to police station and com fest to the murder of the officer.. by this time the officer in question left cus of rage quit cus he was pissed that no one was lissing to his crazy orders. Jones came to the police station and severed a 10 min behind bars and stayed there and acted cool.

TO ME. this was a failer to do some real RP and to enjoy the game. I am not trying to give other players in shit but Have the player know that was some abuse of being a cop and taking away enjoyment from that player. He almost got really pissed at me also for being a tow driver. (witch is what I am RPing) so ya i egroed him because I got a call from a officer that there was a car that needed to be inponded then he left me alone.

That is the situation that I have seen. Yes the server can be crazy and reckless and people are Failing RP but for a officer to try to mess up a character that is doing True RP, not causing shit, and not killing and spawning and flying all over. the officers on the server should not bother them unless they are truly doing something bad like speeding or proper contacting some one and a reason to kill someone. or traffic violations.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you would like the offers name just PM me on the forms. Have a good day.



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Re: Some ruined RP

Post by ZacTheCanadian on Sun Apr 09, 2017 4:46 pm

there are so many thing wrong with this post. so many lies. the military guy was delivering weapons to the police stations and as i was rp looking inside the truck at the guns and jack asked why there was someone in a military outfit. so jack walk up and asked for he id. JONES( military guy) said military or normal id. he handed it over and jack said over ts that this guy is a fake military person. then told jones to put his hand up. jones asked why and jack kept telling him to put his hands up. jones tried to drive off and someone tased him jones got up after and shot jack. jack rage quit. and another officer shot jones. there way no jail time no confession. there was fail RP on both parts. jack should of handle it better and jones should have not have shot him. we were RPing properly till jack said he was a fake which i thnk he shouldnt have done. jones was just trying to RP. and im not trying to hate on a officer. im just stating the facts
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Re: Some ruined RP

Post by SystemInfo on Sun Apr 09, 2017 5:46 pm

Right, this will be dealt with at a later date but if people want to be a civilian and have a job, they need to register on the forum like we all are for the Police Roles.

If anybody has any issues with this. My office door is always open.


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Re: Some ruined RP

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