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Suggestions for the devs

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Suggestions for the devs

Post by Toxicated on Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:51 am

So here's a list of stuff that people would enjoy.
This is just some suggestions and you guys should focus on bug fixing and finish the main stuff first.

We all would love to have:

- Create Gangs "So people will play together more often"

- Level system " So the players has a goal or something to achieve"

- Many Jobs "Gangster, Thief, Smuggler, Weed Farmer

- Unlockables "Maybe like a system for jobs or just by levling your character so you can get better cars at higher level or spawn with guns or even increased payment for jobs.

- Robbing system "So you can mug people and get rewarded for that also"

- Bank robbery "So you can rob the bank for a lot of cash based on how many cops there's on the server"

- Car lock "So no one can steal your car when you leave it"

- Toolkit "So you can lockpick and hotwire cars. Get's deleted after use"

- Car Trunk "So you can store guns or drugs in your car"

- Meth cooking system "So people can make meth and sell to a dealer for profit"

These are all I've heard and thought of myself that everyone would like.
Devs are welcome to do any or none of them above.

Kind Regards/


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Re: Suggestions for the devs

Post by ChexNicks on Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:01 pm

We should add a military role where military officials go in pursuit with fast, high speed cars to chase criminals leaving city. This will keep police in the city, and military in the desert areas.
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