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Looking for Programmers/Developers

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Looking for Programmers/Developers

Post by Nightcrawla on Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:14 pm

In high demand of anyone who is willing to help us in creating one of the best server systems in the Fivem World with custom scripts.

Right now we have the resources to run multiple servers running a Hived Database... meaning character progression/persistence will remain the same across all of the servers. However CaptnCrunch and I are very very limited in the scripting scene.

There are many things we would love to implement into the servers. Ultimately tho, because we rely on the awesome people who make the open source scripts on the fivem forums (we appreciate all of them), it can take a long to wait for any updates from the authors if anything breaks/stops working and it does frequently. If you're the type of person who loves to create new experiences for people we WANT and NEED you!

Things we are specifically looking for and need help in integrating into our servers at the moment.

- A fully working permissions system setup with groups.
- A better way of handcuffing
- Better Jail System
- More robust Job Economy with paychecks etc.
- Real Estate/Garages Economy
- Moving all commands that are typed into chat to a easy to use server side MENU(s) for jobs, cops, ems/fire, civs etc.
- A separate Admin menu that can be assigned with permissions to allow kicking/banning/spawning etc.

We here at gta5police have many more Ideas we would love to see realized sooner rather than later. If anyone can help us we would be absolutely thrilled.

We are not looking for exclusivity rights to the custom scripts, meaning that the scripts made by you, are yours and as such able to do whatever u want with them obviously. (Ex: posting your scripts we use on our servers on to help other server owners if you so choose). We encourage an open sourced mind/community.

Please message me asap if anyone is able to help!

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