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WARNING (read) Role Play System

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WARNING (read) Role Play System

Post by Captncrunch on Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:59 am

In order to move up to become an officer, you would need to start some where.

So the following positions are..

(tier 1)    
Senior_Management_Team = { remain the same}
Management_Team = { remain the same }

(tier 2)
Police_Officer = { upon approval }
911_Dispatcher = {upon approval  }
Sergeant = { upon approval }
Lieutenant = { upon approval }

(tier 3)
Fireman = { open positions }
EMS_Paramedic = { open positions }
Truck_Driver = { open positions }
Taxi_Driver = { open positions }
Car_Salesman = { open positions }
Limo_Driver = { open positions }

Tier 1 group is a privilege, only way to get to this tier is by the following;
Be active, helpful, respectful, always in character, leads by example.

Tier 2 group, you can get excepted by doing the following;
Be active, respectful, always in character, lead by example, have a microphone, speak English, Must do 12 hour ride along, 1 week probationary, do basic training and then you will become a rank 1 officer.

Tier 3 group consist of simple RP job titles, this is a privilege over being just a Civilian, to be in this group you must do the following;
Be active, respectful always in character, lead by example, introduce yourself in the forum, have a microphone, speak English, follow the rules. (you do not need to be at your job all the time, when not on RP duty, you are a Civilian.)

To become an officer go to NYPD Officer Application:

Thank you

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