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Allowed/Restricted/Banned Vehicles

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Allowed/Restricted/Banned Vehicles

Post by R. James on Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:35 am

I've been noticing a pattern of the people who break rp all the time. Frequently, they will either spawn supercars/military/planes/etc and go on a mass campaign of destruction, or they will steal police cars from the stations (which, while theoretically possible in real life, highly unlikely). I am unfamiliar with the coding process, so I do not know if this would be a possible solution....However....

My thought is that, if we limited the server to specific cars, or apply access to specific groups, we could drastically cut down the abuse of spawning. Here's a theoretical scenario:\

(Group 1) (Members include: CaptnCrunch, RobertBram, other admins) (Allowed vehicles: All Civilian groups, All Emergency Vehicles, All Supercars (since I know CaptnCrunch likes his Lambo :-) ))
(Group 2) (Members include: Police Supervisors) (Allowed vehicles: All Civilian groups, All Police Emergency vehicles)
(Group 3) (Members include: All Police Officers) (Allowed vehicles: All Civilian groups, all patrol-authorized emergency vehicles)
(Group 4) (Members include: All civilians) (Allowed vehicles: All permitted Civilian Groups only)

Obviously there would be more groups, based on job title, but that's a rough draft concept. Basically, restrict vehicle access based on the level of access/job class of the user's game id. Also, it would be good to stop spawning AI cops/AI cop cars, but that may be too far reaching.

I believe if we could limit access to vehicles based on user ID, it would allow people the chance to use more realistic vehicles based on their job, and would create a more realistic RP environment. How this would be accomplished, if even possible from a coding standpoint, is beyond my current understanding, though I'm always trying to learn more.

Below is a list of ALL vehicle names and caches:
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And here is a list of all vehicles and groups/classes:
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