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Hello, I'm Alaric Almor

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Hello, I'm Alaric Almor

Post by Alaric Almor on Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:10 pm

Hello, I'm Alaric Almor.

I recently found this server with my friend and we have been doing a news reporter rp and i'm having an amazing time. We have been taking accounts of the major rp events. This ranges from interviews with civilians to on scene reporting major events as they happen. We look forward to interviewing you in regard to the ins-and-outs of events and you character. If you ever need news coverage give me a call.

Hope to see and rp with all of ya.

Alaric Almor

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Re: Hello, I'm Alaric Almor

Post by SystemInfo on Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:50 am

Welcome. Could you please fill in an application for we give you all the relevant tags and update your profile to be a Civilian role player. 



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