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Suggestion For adding a Prison to the server

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Suggestion For adding a Prison to the server

Post by Jeff Jefferson on Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:16 pm

I think that if would be a great asset if we had a prison in the server Let me explain:

On the server we have problems with people constantly breaking the rules, i think that the prison could fix that we could put them in prison for a longer period of time making them think over their decision, with a kick they can just join back, and some things are not serious enough to ban for. Long periods of times such as like 40 min really could change their behavior for Example if someone is constantly is harassing people outside of the police station he could be thrown into jail unlike now where we just have to tell people to move on. I think this system could really fix up the server and the people in it.

Also if a system like that would be put into place, we would need a clear forum post on how much time each crime would get Example: if someone is reckless driving they could first get a warning but the second time it could be 5min jail, This would all stack up so i think 5 min would be enough for some crimes another 5 min can be added on for like Damage to government property after it all adds up they could be sentenced to prison for a longer time and not just getting away with a ticket and a lecture.

I am also fully aware that the this is hard to do as the owner of the server doesn't make the mods himself but only adds them so it may be a little difficult to add but i think it would be worth the work. As a police officer i think the police force could really use this.

Jeff Jefferson

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