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NYPD-How to Arrest someone the correct way

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NYPD-How to Arrest someone the correct way

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:53 pm

Step ONE: you MUST read them their rights or all the charges and sentence time will be dropped.
Step TWO: Escort the suspect without your lights on, obeying all the traffic rules.
Step THREE: Bring the suspect through the back of the Mission Row PD, the reason why never the front is because you do not want suspects to see anyone else while they are being jailed.
Step FOUR: Tell them how long they will be in jail for and what crimes they have done to earn that time
Step FIVE: While the suspect is in jail go to the office beside the cells and then you process the suspect.
Step SIX: Properly process the suspect: type in the chat with BLUE LETTERING (shift+6 and press 4 for BLUE lettering) Jailing ID (players ID) | Reason 1 | Reason 2 | Sentence time= 4 months which is 4 minutes.
Step SEVEN: Escort the suspect out of the cell area after the sentence is up go to the front desk and give back all their stuff and hand out Probation's if needed.

Skyler, SoFrosty


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