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Ideas for when white list comes out

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Ideas for when white list comes out

Post by ReptarRevised on Mon May 01, 2017 7:10 pm

1.) When you get "killed" you get down and only can be revived by EMS or the PD. So the police can investigate what happen.
2.) remove the player locations on the map. A lot of people use it against an RP situation and it makes less fun.
3.) When you make mods to a car and save the vehicle please let it re spawn with the mods. to compensate make the mods cost money so that you have to earn it all.
4.) Add bank robberies and weed delivers. It gives more things for "criminals" to do and lets the cops do more then just traffic stops really. It also provides an income for "criminals" rather then just taxi and buss.
5.) Let cops make a warrant for people and show it in chat the the person knows if they are on the run. This gives the rp between a cop and criminal more action.

This all can make the server a lot more fun, but really only if the correct people are in it. Thus me saying for the white list server. If random people join its can be taken advantage of from all the people who just RDM.


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