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The life of Xander Cage

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The life of Xander Cage

Post by Guest on Thu May 04, 2017 5:45 pm

Hello my name is Xander Cage and here is my Char story line..

So Xander Cage was born in Dec of 1982 his father was a Captain for the NYPD And his Mother was EMS for NYPD as cage got older he always looked up to his father till one day his father was called to a gang area for a shots fired his father was first to respond he received shots as he got there was shot in the shoulder and was able to get out of the car to return fire and hit one of the suspects but also as we returned fire got shot in the chest which was a fatal shot. His mother was the ESU unit to respond to the call after that day xander decided not to go with the bad crowds after what happen to his father he wanted to help clean the streets of like the people that shot his father since then he has had a poor attitude twords criminals.

Well i hope everyone likes this i bad at this shit but i tried.


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