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Regarding Admins In Gangs

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Regarding Admins In Gangs

Post by Jordie on Mon May 08, 2017 9:49 pm


Today there was a complaint from someone within the community, As some of you may know there are admins (Myself) who choose to ride or "RP" with these gangs because they have been a target recently, For some reason people within these gangs think that because I'm an admin I will not punish them. This is 100% false. Just because I run with you or "RP" with you does not mean you are immune to punishments. You guys must understand, Nobody is immune to punishments (Expect Captn, Night and a couple others) If you are NYPD, EMS or FDNY you can still be punished. Everyone can be punished.

Alright, Now thats out of the way, Let me say this.

Regard reports. You should always report someone when they are breaking rp or "FailRPing", Admins cannot do anything unless we get a report or hear about it, Expecting us to automatically kick someone without knowing is an impossible job. Myself and the other admins ask that you report a player if they are breaking rp, You don't always need to record something edit it then upload, Just screenshots, Proof is always better for us because we can do something rather than just warning them, If you have the ability to record please do so, It helps us out alot.


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Re: Regarding Admins In Gangs

Post by SystemInfo on Tue May 09, 2017 2:03 am

Thanks for this. If myself or a member of Senior Management Team find Admins abusing there power, this will be revoked and may potentially be dismissed/banned from the community.


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