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Chat Features

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Chat Features

Post by dawkholiday on Thu May 18, 2017 8:32 pm

I'm not sure what has been discussed or is in the works so I just wanted to fire off some things. I'm at work so the site is all over the place due to restrictions from my work place. Bare with me.

Chat wise:

911 call details should only display to officers/dispatch. I called 911 on a player last night, who consistently failed RP all night, and he could read my 911 call while he attempted to rob a bank in front of myself and a friend. The moment he realized I called the cops on him, describing in full detail what he looked like and what he was driving, he ran out of the bank, got in his car and took off. I reported him, he obviously failed RP, but that could just be avoided if he couldn't read it at all. Text messages/PMs are private, so is it possible to implement this too? We could have gotten a cool scenario out of the guy robbing the bank and him staying while I'm calling the cops on him and they show up.

Vicinity stuff being global as well ie /me /do, if someone wants to hold someone up and remain anonymous, but they say /me takes your phone and wallet, it is a bit unfair to that person since they are broadcasting to the world they are holding someone up. As RPers, we should ignore this but if you read it it will still remain in the back of your mind to watch out for that player. Remain in a cops mind that although I didnt see the robbery, he is a criminal so watch him.

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