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Vehicle Steering/Damage

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Vehicle Steering/Damage

Post by dawkholiday on Thu May 18, 2017 8:40 pm

Just firing out thoughts while at work so again, please bare with me.

I was talking to some players last night and was curious about vehicle steering. Is this a setting you have to manually do for each car? I just feel like none of the cars can take turns well without coasting into the other line at certain high speeds. The emergency break doesnt help the car drift a bit at all either. The second piece to this is vehicle damage. I see we have notifications that if the vehicle takes a big enough hit it says that your vehicle will not work for 7 seconds. Yet, the vehicle keeps going. On another server I enjoy it is implemented where the vehicle will stop working. I assume this is being worked on to implement?

On that topic, your officers have to hope for the honor system from players. Obviously, the new to RP players dont like getting caught and dont want to stop, even if the message displays. Getting this in could end a ton of arguments seen in the civilian channel. All you see is the stuff like when we were kids with imaginary guns. I SHOT YOU! NO YOU DIDNT! YOU WRECKED! STOP! NO I DIDNT! I feel bad again for the officers who have to deal with this and the player who thinks they can just get away with it because "realism," isnt on the server so its okay to do what I want. (Someone tried to use that argument...seriously.)

No one uses taxis because people can spawn their cars anywhere at anytime. Multiple times. I assume there is a garage system being worked on. I feel like im being a hypocrite when i spawn a car for myself in the middle of nowhere when id really prefer to get a taxi and RP with someone.

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Re: Vehicle Steering/Damage

Post by Captncrunch on Fri May 19, 2017 9:15 am

Yes a lot of things will change for the better a lot of the things that you mentioned will be changed and being worked on thank you very much we appreciate your feedback and will take this into consideration on current upcoming changes

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