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Robbing Banks

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Robbing Banks

Post by dawkholiday on Thu May 18, 2017 8:48 pm

Again, I know this is a growing server so I say all of this with absolute patience and faith in your community/development team.

Honestly, three banks seems a bit much. I feel like two is sufficient. It feels silly that they are allowed to be robbed when there aren't enough officers on to RP or handle the load from players. Everyone is a crook unless you are a cop or trucking. I have done more illegal "drug" runs than I can count where I'm not even afraid anymore of being caught. Banks are constantly being robbed so often that I saw a server wide message asking players to stop robbing them so much. If one is robbed recently, successfully or not, put them on a long time. I think there is one but maybe it isn't long enough. I want to interact with your officers and RP. I haven't gotten that once yet. Yeah I'm smarter about my activities, but even if I wasn't your officers are running back and forth between banks so often that their driving skills should be insane lol Very Happy Myself and a group of 5 players robbed the bank west of the city and it failed because the timer disappeared. No biggie, we went to the next bank up north. Something happened there that it failed. So we then went to the heart of the city and robbed that bank successfully without a single officer...the only one online. It just felt anticlimactic.

Summary, I'd throw out the idea of 2 banks on server, longer times in between bank activity, and a certain amount of officers on the server before they are available to be robbed.

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Re: Robbing Banks

Post by Captncrunch on Fri May 19, 2017 9:13 am

All good points. I will see what we can do to adjust this.


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