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A noobs guide to buying and saving guns / loadouts

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A noobs guide to buying and saving guns / loadouts

Post by Black Mamba on Sun May 21, 2017 3:23 pm

Hello everybody, Black Mamba here (AKA Montgomery Steele, Richard Hammer, Clayton, and Brandi McButtsnaaks).

I apologize if this has already been covered or is posted under the wrong section (I attempted to search but didn't find anything listing this specifically), but I've noticed many people do not understand how gun buying/saving works here. So in an attempt to help save some people money and stress - here I'll briefly break down how gun saving works to my knowledge. PLEASE ADD INFORMATION OR CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG!!


To save guns:
When you spawn into the world and do not change your loadout (character skin by hitting F5) - you may go to the gun store and purchase firearms that will be saved to your account.

To access saved guns:
After spawning into the world, by default you will have access to whatever firearms you purchased the last time you stayed within your default loadout.
If you hit F5 and start changing your character loadout/skin, then you will no longer have access to these weapons for the remainder of your life.

To play as the character you'd like with the guns you purchased:
Upon spawning, type "/die" until you spawn in with the player model you'd prefer to play as. Now you will have your purchased weapons as well as the skin you wanted.

Please remember that any weapons purchased after you switch player models/loadouts by hitting F5 will not carry over into your next life.

Black Mamba

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Re: A noobs guide to buying and saving guns / loadouts

Post by Unit 219 | Chance Noonan on Sun May 21, 2017 6:04 pm

I believe this is just a bug and will be getting fixed soon. Not working as intended.
Unit 219 | Chance Noonan
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