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Suggestion: Change weed selling price

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Suggestion: Change weed selling price

Post by Nikita on Wed May 24, 2017 6:09 pm

It doesn't make sense that weed is sold for 500 while cocaine is sold for 1000. Weed is also arguably harder to run because it requires a lot of dirt roads to take while coca is in an easy spot to harvest, somewhat easy processing spot and then you just go to the pier. Even made a routine out of it. 30k truck job, coca farm is right next to drop off, processor is on the way to the city, and then go to the pier. Maybe change the total amount of weed you can carry to maybe 60 and change the price a bit higher. Just feels like a waist when you make 15k from weed doing something illegal when you can just do the truck job which is legal and usually faster to complete and make 30k.

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