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Valentino Law Office!

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Valentino Law Office!

Post by Wayne Valentino on Sat Jun 10, 2017 2:08 pm

Hello everyone and welcome to the official thread for the Valentino Law Firm!

In this thread we will cover most topics from how to get started and also how to use us as easily as possible with your arresting officer as needed!

What we are!

We are simply a new source of roleplay the officers need! But in return we also help you get less time on your sentencing depending how we can negotiate with the arresting officer. We get a text either by the client or by the officer who needs a lawyer at the given time. We rush to PD ( Obeying all traffic laws *wink wink* ) and begin to negotiate your sentencing with the officer after hearing the charges and what happen from the client.

This offers officers who usually have to deal with horrible situations a chance to actually have some nice clean roleplay and some really funny situations. This allows everyone involved to have a pleasurable roleplay experience as well as trying to get people to actually pull over for the officers who want the same thing we all do.. Which is great fun roleplay!

How we can help!

We can help lower your sentencing by a dramatic amount sometimes even post bail and get you back on the street with everyone else! This is not always easy but is worth the effort when everyone is having fun. A lawyer can also go with their client to court and try to represent the case in a manner than sheds light on the persons good deeds to sway the favor of the judge!

How you can join!

Simply ask a founder of a law Firm or start your own! Though a founder will have a lot of work to do as this is becoming a dedicated job in the city.otherwise contact a Law Firm and ask to be a intern! once this is completed you will have to witness 10 cases worked in front of you by an official Lawyer. After these 10 cases you will be able to represent your clients for your law firm!

We are still working closely with the admins to ensure a great RP experience as well as working out some minor issues and making things better for everyone in the future!

Wayne Valentino
NYC Legal Services

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In Game Job : Attorney
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Re: Valentino Law Office!

Post by Brian GOdfrey on Sun Jun 18, 2017 1:51 am

Please refer to this post: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

All Law Firms have been consolidated into one entity. Just check the link for any further information. Feel free to contact me, Wayne or the other admins for any concerns.


Brian GOdfrey
Senior Management Team

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