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Post by MIKEY Marino on Sun Jun 18, 2017 11:29 pm

Welcome to the police Academy. Being a part of the police force is a way to take your experience in role-play to a whole new level. Here at the NYPD, we take the initiative to make sure that all of our officers know what to do, and how to deal with certain situations. The police academy is a way for you to get the training that you would not get from other communities. The police academy normally consists of between 1 to 6 hours of basic training. All of our police officers and trainers have had extensive training, and are here to prepare you for every situation that you may encounter. Here at the NYPD, we take the initiative to make sure that you have the best possible role-play. This training will consist of how to do a routine traffic stop, how to arrest people, how to book people, how to deal with people interfering with an investigation, Taser training, how to read/run license plates and IDs, how to read people their rights, and numerous other topics you will need to know to become an NYPD officer. 

Police academy training is mandatory when becoming an NYPD police officer. Getting started is extremely easy!

  • Step 1: Follow the link provided below, and fill out the application.
    If your application is accepted, someone will contact you to schedule an interview.

  • Step 2: Following your interview, you will become an NYPD Cadet and the Lieutenant who hired you will show you how to go on duty and use the tools available to the NYPD.

  • Step 3: If you decide this is the role-play career you've always dreamed of, you will join the Academy to obtain your 10-67 (Traffic stop) and 10-92 (arrest/booking) certifications.
    (Training time averages 1.5-3 hours).

  • Step 4: Upon completing the training sessions and receiving your certifications, you will be a full Officer of the NYPD! Congratulations!

It only takes 10 minutes to change your role-play life forever. Click the NYPD Application link below to get started!

We at the NYPD hope to see everyone take the initiative to make their role-play better, and to have a fun and realistic role-play as an NYPD officer. We hope to see you out there! 

NYPD Application

Thank you

Mikey Marino
Captain, NYC Roleplay Community
MIKEY Marino

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