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Updates to NCIC/MDT

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Updates to NCIC/MDT

Post by James Falcone on Tue Jun 20, 2017 3:22 pm

Currently, the NCIC system we have is basically for show. The information that comes back can literally change in 3 seconds if you search the name multiple times. I feel that this should be altered to be more accurate, which will allow faster response time when running an individuals ID.

I know the system we currently have, and it's very nice and easy. I would just recommend potentially changing it to something in game so we dont have to keep tabbing out of the game to check it. (Namely warrants/previous arrests).

In a somewhat similar fashion, "registering" your name would also be useful, both for RP purposes and accuracy. When someone shows your ID, it is entirely dependent on the individual being honest (and the DOB changes for some reason). My main issue with this system is that it is hard for new players to understand this, namely during the arresting/processing phase. Having it simplified to just /showid and their name populating (after registering it once when they join the server for the very first time) could definitely help new players get accustomed to how we roll.

All in all, love the server. Having a blast. These tiny (or huge, idk coding to be honest) changes would be extremely welcomed QOL updates.

James Falcone

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Re: Updates to NCIC/MDT

Post by Unit 219 | Chance Noonan on Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:23 pm

An actual MDT system is already in the works.
Unit 219 | Chance Noonan
Senior Management Team

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