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Post by MIKEY Marino on Fri Jun 23, 2017 8:07 am

Ticket / FineFines/TicketsAmountPoints System16 points = loss of license
TicketPenalties for traffic infractions$4003
TicketNo registration/Moving violation$6503
TicketSpeeding - 30MPH Below$3501-6
FineSpeeding - 30MPH Above$1,00010
FineCareless Driving$1,20012
FineOver 100mph$2000/Court16license suspended
TicketIllegal u turn$2002
TicketFailure to completely stop at a stop sign/light$4003
TicketFailure to yield$3503
TicketFailure to use blinkers$1001
TicketTail light outFixit/$2001
TicketHead light outFixit/$2001
TicketFailure to abide by traffic signs$4003
TicketVehicles parked illegally$2002
TicketNo parking in a zone$1852
TicketStopping, or parking closer than 15 feet of a fire hydrant$5003
TicketStopping, standing or parking in a traffic lane$5003
TicketParking a bus, unless allowed by signs$5003
TicketFail to yield to pedestrians$7004
TicketObedience to police officers and flagpersons.$70010
TicketImproper Turn$2002
TicketImproper/Missing Plates$5003
TicketOne Way Street$1,00016license suspended
TicketTinted Windows$2002
TicketUnsafe Lane Change$2002
TicketBacking Unsafely$3003
TicketImproper Passing$3003
TicketDisobey Steady Red Signal$3003
TicketNot Giving R of W to Veh.$6005
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