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|| Causidicous Private Law Firm ||

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|| Causidicous Private Law Firm ||

Post by Daniel Valkos on Tue Jun 27, 2017 5:13 am

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Welcome to the Causidicous Private Law Firm's official thread!

Our Mission Statement

The Causidicous Private Law Firm is a boutique criminal law firm that specializes in defending civilians and private parties, such as corporations, against prosecutions for criminal and regulatory offenses. Our Criminal Defense Lawyers will fight aggressively on your behalf to protect you and your rights.


Our Attorneys pride themselves in ensuring that every avenue of preparation and analysis is undertaken to ensure your rights are protected and you obtain the best possible outcome available. Often as a result of this preparation, your matters can be resolved without the need for a trial.

Our expertise in criminal law enables us to identify issues and potential defenses in your case.  Our knowledge of the law allows us to recognize instances in your case where your rights that are protected under The Constitution and Civil Freedoms Act have been violated, resulting in the exclusion of evidence, including statements you have provided, seized by the State.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense for the first time, we understand the anxiety associated with the possibility of having a criminal record. We will use our expertise and knowledge of the law to work hard on your behalf and to ensure that you do not obtain a criminal record, where possible.

We can GUARANTEE that you will NEVER spend the entirety of your sentencing when there is no other possible litigation that allows us to move forward with your case.

High Profile Cases

The lawyers at Causidicous Private Law Firm have experience in all criminal and quasi-criminal offenses including homicides, impaired driving/DUIs, drug offenses, sexual assault, aggravated assault, domestic assault, and weapons/firearm offenses.

Payment Plans

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Meet Our Attorneys, Associates, and Other Members

Daniel Valkos, Chartered Legal Executive

Causidicous Private Law Firm Job Positions

Counselor At Law
Attorney At Law
Chartered Legal Executive


For more information please contact Daniel Valkos CEO of Causidicous Private Law Firm.

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* The Causidicous Private Law Firm is owned by The Polysemous Conglomerate *
Daniel Valkos

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