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I got banned

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I got banned

Post by Sink222 on Thu Jun 29, 2017 3:03 pm

Hello there i was just banned by some staff that i didnt see the name of, here is the story. Apparently i got banned for mass vdm which i did not do, what happened was that there was someone who just rammed in to everyone at the squares and i drove up there and said "WTF?" So whilst i was there this cop had shot down the guy who did this but saw my ID and banned me, I went to teamspeak and there were loads of cops who said "I dont give a shit" "Who cares" and "Lets leave and go to another channel" And that was in the support channel, I really hope i get unbanned for this mistake because i have played on this server for over half the time i have played FiveM


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Re: I got banned

Post by Daniel Valkos on Thu Jun 29, 2017 10:33 pm

I would try to contact the support staff or an admin on Teamspeak, Discord, or message them here on the Forums. It would help a bunch if you had some names, like the officer/staff member that gave you the ban.

Usually people just get jailed for 4000 seconds the first time, rarely I have seen immediate bans handed out, unless you arnt being completely honest here.

Again, if you knew the guy who was VDMing, or the person that handed the ban out, it would be much easier to clear this up. Im afraid without any of that information, it is going to be very tough to figure it all out.

I would try to get in contact with an admin or staff member though, the sooner since your ban/kick, the better obviously.

I hope that you can get this all figured out, and if you are innocent, can get justice as a result of this. Im very sorry to hear that this happened to you and you have my best wishes. Good luck!
Daniel Valkos

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