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Shadowzy's Staff Abuse / False Jail

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Shadowzy's Staff Abuse / False Jail

Post by Bryan Parks (Owl) on Sat Jul 08, 2017 8:06 pm

Approximately at 6:50PM a civilian player by the name of Shadowzy decided to hold a gun to my face and according to what roleplay stands for and according to him they are two different things. He stated that i needed to follow the value my life rule which in my book means that by any means needed i should make sure that im am safe. I was at gunpoint at which point i tried to punch him to get the gun out of his hands. At this point i die, He leaves the server and returns on his police account and without question, jails me for 3000 Seconds for FailRP and RDM. Now if im wrong please correct me but RDM is random death match which would mean that i would have had to had killed him... Which i did not. as for FailRP i did value my life. My character is a thug, which would mean that ive seen a life of crime and ive dressed him a such, I even RP'd when he had me a gunpoint first and called him a p*ssy.

After this he mentions that he is also jailing me for past reports, all of which had no proof nor did they have any evidence to suggest it.
Although this is an RP server I shouldnt have to cry like a girl whenever someone holds a gun to me, that makes no sense, and not everyone acts like that.

Bryan Parks (Owl)

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