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Apologies-Lessons to be learned

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Apologies-Lessons to be learned

Post by Ezio Maranzano on Tue Jul 11, 2017 2:23 am

Fellow Players,

I just wanted to formally apologize to the person I failRP'd/inconvenienced tonight, It was not my intention to do so. Being so new to the RP scene I can sometimes make mistakes or rush into a situation without first planning out a fair and orchestrated RP scenario.
I realize and accept the fair punishment that is being given to me. I hope I'm allowed a second chance after my temporary ban, so that I can enjoy the fun times your RP server has brought me. I will make an effort to better my RP so I can not make mistakes like the one I have made tonight again. Once again I apologize and I hope everyone has a fun time on the new server.

Let this serve as an example and learning experience so others do not make the same mistake I made. Happy RPing   Smile


Ezio Maranzano
Ezio Maranzano

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