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Bug with ''bank account'' and ''blue credit card''.

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Bug with ''bank account'' and ''blue credit card''.

Post by Vyndis on Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:49 am

Today 15.7 2017 I joined NYC Public 2 Server. I was spawned in the Desert Hospital 1/8. But, I didn't noticed that my money in the ''bank account'' were gone, and I couldn't even see the blue credit card and even I have money or I don't, this bank account menu was like gone. So first I didn't noticed that then when I noticed I relogged, and again it spawned me at the same Desert Hospital 1/8 so I said ok I'm going to try and withdraw some of my money (because I had like 60K$ in my ''bank account''. When I got to one of the banks I tried to withdraw some of my money but I couldn't, like something like have taken them already. So then I deposited 1K$ because I had 5-6K$ on me. Then when I deposited them I tried to withdraw 1K$ that I just had deposited, then it didn't gave me anything. So I kept on withdrawing like from 1-500$ to check if they can even give me the 1K$ back but they didn't. I know you can fix this please if you see this post do something about it I like your server but that's a big problem for the community we all keep our money in the bank accounts. And there were 2 guys that had the same problem as me Crying or Very sad . We all believe in you ! Have a nice day.

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Re: Bug with ''bank account'' and ''blue credit card''.

Post by Captncrunch on Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:40 pm

bank is fixed

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